Thank you, Edmonton.

As one of the youngest, fastest-growing cities in the country and with emerging economic strengths, Edmonton is quickly becoming the Canadian big city to watch.

“Four times now we’ve set out not to win an election; instead, we’ve set out to listen, to dialog, to build and share ideas, and to inspire. The campaigns that do this best often win... We’re not finished listening just because the polls are closed - but we do have a clear sense of direction.”

Don Iveson

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2017 Year In Review

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"I come from this city of beauty, this body of light."

Posted by Don Iveson for Mayor on Monday, September 18, 2017

Don Iveson’s Plan Will Ensure Edmonton’s Momentum Continues.

Let's build a new economic future for Edmonton... working with business and post-secondary leaders to build a fresh innovation- and export-driven economic plan for Edmonton, building a culture of YES at City Hall, and making sure Edmonton’s story is heard across Canada and around the world. Read more...

Let’s think, plan and build for a million people... making bold, strategic decisions in key areas like transportation and housing to face our new big city challenges head-on, and ensure our city works for everyone. Read more...

Let's build more vibrant and diverse neighbourhoods... turning new and existing schools into community gathering places, enabling more affordable infill housing, and providing City land for supportive housing for Edmontonians with complex needs.

Let's create Canada's most family-friendly city... working with partners to expand the number of affordable early learning and child care spaces available, providing free transit to all children 12 and under, and continuing to address barriers to success for children and families experiencing poverty. Read more...

Let's accelerate our leadership on the environment... fast-tracking electrification of our bus fleet, staying true to Council’s low-carbon vision for Blatchford, and by leveraging our industry leadership in green building technologies. Read more...

Where are we now...

So where are we now? In the last year:

Building a new economic future for Edmonton

  • Made regional economic cooperation permanent after decades of infighting
  • Fully funded Edmonton’s ongoing Health City initiative
  • Hosted the Mayor’s Economic Summit to help drive policy direction on local economic development
  • Took action to reduce license fees for home based businesses
  • Continued national advocacy for pipeline expansion
  • Secured direct flight between Edmonton and San Francisco to support local innovators
  • Signed Airport Accord to ensure shared investment for shared benefit, supporting EIA as an economic hub for our region

Thinking, planning and building for a million people

  • Finalized plans for the West LRT line
  • Secured $1.5 billion in provincial transit funding for Edmonton
  • Negotiated a provincial commitment to a long-term transit investment for our city and region
  • Opened downtown’s protected bike network
  • Successfully lobbied for dollars to separate trains from traffic on 50th Street

Strengthening integrity at City Hall

  • Launched a lobbyist registry for the Mayor’s Office
  • Approved a Code of Conduct and an Integrity Office to oversee Mayor and City Councillors to ensure greater oversight and more transparent practices

Creating a more family friendly city

  • Enabled free transit to anyone 12 and under – making it easier for children to get to school, enabling families to move around our city, reducing isolation and building community
  • Led Canada’s mayors in securing federal funding for social housing repair, stable operating grants and indigenous housing

Accelerating our leadership on energy transition and climate change

  • Launched the Edmonton Declaration - a commitment to science-based policy making that considers the carbon impact of cities beyond their boundaries
  • Successfully lobbied for provincial legislation that will make it easier for home and business owners to access funding to purchase things like solar panels and attach these costs to their property and not personal debt
  • Hosted the first ever IPCC Cities and Climate Conference to inspire the next frontier of city-focused climate research